Communities in Action

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Discussion Group

President Obama has said that the most meaningful interactions — the most powerful means of change — are through the relationships with parents, teachers, faith leaders, coaches and mentors that together shape our children and allow them to thrive. The biggest areas for opportunity will come from within individual communities, but there are many ways we can together empower and better support our youth, including boys and young men of color, their families, and their communities.

MBK Durham In Action

MBK Durham will deepen our work in communities by continuing to partner with and investing in various communities and organizations that are within the MBK Durham network database. MBK Durham is particularly interested in joining forces with communities that can serve as proof points for reducing youth violence and efforts to increase the pipeline of mentors for boys and young men of color.

Action Plan

MBK has four Milestone Advocacy Teams which will focus specifically on each milestone with an in-depth lens. These teams serve as our guiding committees that focus on policy and items related to health, education, community engagement, job training and placement.

Our committees host convenings, support events and town hall meetings track data, metrics and new and amended policies. We are looking to grow our Milestone Advocacy Teams to provide greater community outreach. Please contact us to join. (how do I add our mail chip link or a sign in/up page so that we keep a rolling database)

If you have any additional questions or would like to contact us regarding partnership or support, contact us at or at (919) 560-8154.