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Annual Boys & Men of Color Conference

On April 13, 2019, My Brother’s Keeper Durham and North Carolina Central University Male Achievement Center (M.A.C) will kick off its inaugural Boys of Color Conference, a convening of advocates and change-makers, held on the great campus of North Carolina Central University, in the great city  Durham, North Carolina  from 8:30 a.m.-2 pm.

Our theme for 2019 is Boys and Young Men of Color: Re-Dedication to Black Male Achievement. The power of this theme will set the tone for a stirring, productive and engaging convening. We anticipate that the impact of our collective and individual learning will continue the positive momentum in service of boys and young men of color across Durham. This conference will host leaders from the mentoring and responsible fatherhood fields to create collaborations in the  communities. During this event, leaders will share  their expertise, passion, and lessons learned to formulate a community engagement strategy to get more community, school and organizational stakeholders  involved supporting adolescent males of color.

Every aspect of our preparation and programs will be inextricably linked to this year's theme. Details regarding registration is in this link  here. We will be reaching out to a few regarding call for workshop presenters and vendor applications after the agenda has been solidified. If you would like to submit a proposal for presentation, please follow the link here.


Please forward this and invite five of your closest friends to join us. If you are looking to sponsor or donate to the cause, feel free to contact us at mybrotherskeeper@dconc.gov



Dr. Martin Luther King Jr: Remembering the Legacy through the arts

Post Date:02/07/2017 12:00 PM

My Brother’s Keeper Durham set out to get involved with the community.  Although the MBK Durham site isn’t hands-on, they have most definitely made it their business to go above and beyond within their service to include just that…being hands on with the community.  On Saturday January 14, 2017, approximately 150 people came out to W. D. Hill for a celebration of life, unity and to keep the dream alive. 

Remembering Dr. King Jr. and his legacy through the arts was this events purpose and it was accomplished.  Via performers and artists displaying their time and various talents.  Durham County and City employees worked together in the midst of the members in the community.  The Negro National Anthem “Lift Every Voice And Sing” was sung, and there was the young lady, elementary school student, Kenady Holiday whom read poetry.  There were many vendors involved offering advice and suggestions for the people of the community.   Local Hillside High school was even apart of the performers.

One particular performance from community members Sensei Deon, left many spectators with jaws dropped and incessant applause during his routine.  The facility was ultimately filled and in my opinion, many people enjoyed the events and comradery was apparent as smiles filled the room.  There were portraits of black heroes.  People invited to actually participate and color (by number) a painting of Dr. King and President Obama.   Different rooms housed different talks about everyone being on one accord…especially with the divisive president elect Trump, currently in office.  There were African American, Caucasian, Indian American, and all other ethnicities engaging in amazing dialog.

The planning and thought behind this event was amazing.  It was easily considered an amazing experience.  The response from the community event was not surprising at all.  The food was catered and the support to the community from the community was good stuff.  Today’s performers and community participants deserve a special thanks for being involved.  Also, W. D. Hill holds these events annually, so the event next year WILL be even better.

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